Music for films? What films? Well, let me explain...

I'm never going to score the next James Bond movie, nor Transforminators 6 - that is not what this, or I, am about... The music I make tends to be quiet, internal music & while I make it for its own sake, I intrinsically feel that its strongest form of existence is potentially sync-ed to picture. But what picture? Well, that's where you come in...

As a sound designer on films I often get to inhabit the territory that exists between overt 'score' and the 'real' sound world of the film; the ambiences, sound effects & foley. And when that netherworld exists, it is such beautiful territory to explore; so emotionally powerful & so often achieved via the restraint of what is heard & seen... & what is not... So, if I close my eyes & imagine such a scene, a scene that does not need an overt music cue per se, but a shift in tone that will help evoke that purest of cinematic arts, then that is what I aspire to....

Apart from completed projects, the music cues I will be releasing here in future are aimed specifically at that territory. If you enjoy them for their own sake then you are welcome; but if you are a director, or a picture editor, or a music supervisor, or music editor then you are doubly welcome to listen... And if a cue appeals for a project you are working on then please, by all means, get in touch and I'll send you a link to a full resolution .WAV file... And if you do sync a cue & its working for the film, drop me a line & we can easily work out a license for your project, as this is not primarily about finance & copyright; its about art.... But I also well know there can be no 'loose ends' when it comes to licensing music, so its equally important you know a sync license will not be problematic.

And it also goes without saying, but I'll say it regardless: if you require bespoke music for your project, then please get in touch - music composed for a specific project is, of course, licensed exclusively.

my best regards

tim prebble
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