To avoid any confusion (example below) I am TIMOTHY DEREK PREBBLE.
My parents are Derek & Jeanette Prebble, who had the farm DALBURY at Coldstream, Lowcliffe, Ashburton, New Zealand. I went to Lowcliffe School & then St Andrews College in Christchurch… then Ilam University, then Film School in Christchurch. Why do I clarify?

A friend went & visited the NZ Music History exhibition VOLUME at Auckland Museum a while ago and sent me the following photo, of a card attached to an exhibit of some microphones..

Their researchers have got me confused with the intended Tim Prebble, who also lives in Wellington.
I am the (older) film sound designer & composer, field recordist, photographer & modular synth noodler….
And all the info on that card (other than the last line) refers to me, rather than the intended Tim Prebble..

The younger Tim Prebble, is a brother of excellent music engineer & producer Lee Prebble, owner of The Surgery Studio. That Tim is also a bass player, and his work is focused on electronics – I met him many years ago when my Sequential Ciruits Six Trak Synth died, and someone recomended him to me. Since then he has repaired dozens of bits of equipment for me… Also interesting, he has a company called Dogmatek and has released his first guitar pedal, the Arctic Wolf phaser. The exhibition includes his work, not mine. They have since corrected the card.

There is also another Tim Prebble living in New Zealand – in Christchurch. He owns Texture Plants and has also been very involved in the development of the $20 million mountain bike park in the port hills!

Only very occasionally

UPDATE: there is a fourth Tim Prebble in New Zealand!
Apparently he graduated in camera department from South Seas Film School

I am mostly writing to explain this so that next time someone does get us confused, they can hopefully find this!
To be clear: I was first! I am the original TIM PREBBLE! lol